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How to Discover Endless Blogging Topics

How to have Endless Blogging Topics?
How to Discover Endless Blogging Topics

It is a relatively common problem when bloggers run out of ideas for the topics to write on. To me, this is solvable problem. Today, in this post, I am going to share some ideas on how to have endless yet fun topics to blog about.

If you embrace a topic you are seriously passionate about, you can be sure that you can write about it endlessly. I really mean endlessly. A good example is, I love cooking and baking (you should really see this as I've got 12 LIKES so far, it's probably because it's the Wicked Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies), so I blog about the types of food, the recipes I am curious about. Furthermore, photography is one of my passion, and the combination of photos of such delicious food is simply irresistible. The biggest clue is to blog about something you really enjoy doing. Those who read about it can sense straight away that it is real, it is genuine. And this is a virtue of a blog.

Sharing. If you share an encounter is a great method too. Zsolt and I share our experiences about living in a city. Living in the Budapest city or even other parts of the world. I have live in Singapore for several decades and Zsolt has live in Budapest for several decades too. We have indeed a lot about the cities to share. Even, considering a new would-be 'Budapest City dweller', you can write down some possible concerns and these avenues can spark off endless amazing ideas one after another...

Commonly asked questions. One of the most frequently asked question (to me Zannnie) is, what are the differences of living in Singapore versus Budapest. I have so much to say and living in Budapest for about four years is not the longest. Neither is it the shortest time period to be able to say something honestly. So I made a comparison about the cost of living in Budapest vs Singapore. Altogether, I found three plus one part, totally 4 parts! How amazing did it get?

Well, check it and you will see. How ideas can flow when you write a sequel post. Some of the sequel posts have three parts. The usual guide of my post is about 350 words. I think when it is too long, people do not really spend the entire time reading the entire post. So that is when photography of the relevant elements about the post helps. The other is the tone of my writing. I limit it to as if you are right next to me, and I am speaking to you. In this way, the delivery of my written expression is simple, easy to read. Of course, once in a while, I do have an interesting new word that is more unique than usual to share ;). At other times, I write down my movie/film review.

Humbly, if you have better ideas, I hope you will share with us too :)

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