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Transylvania: Roadtrip Preparation

10.5 hours is the number of hours to travel on the road to get to Transylvania in Romania from Budapest (Hungary). The plan was an itinerary of five days. With Day one in Kolozsvar better known in the Romanian local language as Cluj-Napoca. You can see the word 'Cluj' very often on the road signs.
Day 1. Budapest - Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca)
450 kilometres to drive and that was because there is hardly a decent highway to drive on. All in all, it was six hours and we arrived to Cluj-Napoca. We did stopped for more gas and snacks and doing some stretching exercises and of course, going to the toilets.
One of the most important thing to prepare is the vehicle. We got there by car, so the roads' condition in Romania is rather bad, in particular Transylvania. Better if you make sure your car is up for it.
It's really worth it to see Transylvania because it is sooo beautiful. Plus, it is a very inexpensive place and worth taking some risks and efforts to the pre-preparation of the road trip.
Day 2. Kolozsvár - Tusnádfürdő (Baile Tusnad)
300 kilometres from Kolozsvar to Baile Tusnad where you can get to see a very natural lake called St. Anna Lake. This 300 km has very critical road, totally it was five hours crossing the curvy mountainous roads. You need to concentrate and focus hard when you are driving, ensure it is during the daylight, so it helps in your vision better.
Baile Tusnad or Tusnádfürdő is like a traditional Hungarian village area that is very rurul. Carrying with you a swiss knife ( or you can buy one along the way as there are 'shopping roads' with rows of shops that sells almost the same thing from one shop to the other: baskets of any designs, pottery cooking wares, souvenirs, hats, traditional clothes, maps, you name it)
Torch. Bring a torch with you and maybe even a tent can be practical just in case. It is going to be in the car boot anyway. As for the camping knife, I have chosen one real Transylvanian pocket knife at 20 lei (RON) which converts to about US$6.70.

Day 3. Tusnádfürdő - St Anna Lake
The plan for day three was to an original volcanic lake. This lake is ultra-natural, so expect no infrastructure. Prepare enough mineral water, food, a blanket to sit or lay on while sun-tanning and do not forget your camera.
St. Anna Lake is about 45 minutes drive from Tusnádfürdő. The drive is full of big, tall trees that are like driving in a deep forest except that the roads are again twirling and whirling around a mountain. Coming back after the bath in the natural lake, seeing these trees again makes you feel 'hypnotised'
Day 4. Tusnádfürdő - Brassó (Brasov)
60 kilometers drive from Tusnádfürdő takes about 1.5 hours to get to Brasov. Brasov is at the southern edge of Transylvania. I like Brasov as it is with lots of historical sites.
Lots of verdant greens in the summer time and very beautiful sights to behold in the wilderness. There are many villas accommodation on the mountains and crossing what we jokingly said about the place, 'the teletubbies land'. The large wide fields and the cumulus clouds above with mountains landscape makes you see a previous version of Windows 95 desktop wallpaper right in front of your eyes.
Day 5. Driving back from Brasov to Budapest
The drive from Brasov to Budapest is totally about eleven hours. Romanian time is one hour ahead of Budapest. It was still daylight when we got back to Budapest.

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