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Mobile website

We asked cyber 101 about affordable mobile websites:

What are the features on your mobile phone websites that makes it a unique service for businesses today?

1. The cost is very reasonable
2. Mobile marketers charge an average of $495.00 per site.
3. Easy to purchase
4. They don't need to know anthing about designing or coding a mobile website, it is handled for them

The 'tap to call buttons' seems to be a very useful feature. Do you charge additional fee for redirection scripts?

Tap to call, Redirection scripts, graphics, logos, all included in the price, Video can be create and added for an additional fee.

What is the difference between mobile optimized videos and normal videos on the websites?

Mobile Optimized video - ensures the video is optimized for viewing from mobile devices.

How are the 'forms' filling experienced improved in the mobile phone websites as compared to standard websites?

Customers can complete and send forms/requests for additional information directly from there mobile devices.

What are the benefits of having an 'OnSite SEO'?

As part of your mobile SEO efforts, ensure that: Page Titles are optimized with relevant keywords being used by your mobile audience, Landing pages are optimized with relevant keywords being used by your mobile audience. Remember that your mobile audience browsing habits are completely different to your traditional desktop searcher.

The best thing you can do to improve your mobile SEO is to ensure that the mobile crawlers and user agents determine that your content will render well and load quickly on any mobile phone.

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