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New tool for project management

We asked Amit about their effort to strengthen project management in different fields with XTeam-up's new product:

When was the first moment when your organization finds out the need of your product?

Collectively, we have over 500.000 hours of project management experience. We have seen many projects failed and at the same time we have seen many projects succeeded. We have seen the bubble and the burst of the Dotcom era in the Silicon Valley. We have certified project managers (PMP) and certified scrum masters in our team. We know why a project fails and we also know how and why a project succeeds.
In our entire career we have used many project management software and we must admit that none of them delivered results the way we wanted. So we always faced three important bottlenecks in using project management software:

(1) A successful project manager spends 90% of his time in communication. Pictures and numbers may be good for presentation to the management but they don't give us effective ways to communicate with the team.

(2) Most of the software are too complex to use and most of the features we never require or we hardly use.

(3) How can we collaborate effectively and efficiently with all the team members regardless of wherever they are?

So, XTeam-up is developed to completely eliminate the above bottle neck. It is simple, elegant, anytime, anywhere project and issue tracking tool. There is no training involved and anybody can use it.

Who benefit from your product in particular and which types of job function(s) should implement the usage of your product as soon as possible?

This product is for project managers, team leaders of any organization including architects, interior decorators, scientific labs, colleges, universities, sports team, nonprofit organizations etc. This product coordinates group activities of any kind and provides effective communication and task management tools including sharing docs and Google apps. Also this product can be used on smart phones such as iphone and android phones.

Which are the industries that are highly recommended to use your product?

Software companies, construction companies, service companies, manufacturing companies, engineering companies, law firms, architects, interior decorators, scientific labs, colleges, universities, sports team, nonprofit organizations etc.

How do you convince decision makers within the organization to consider your product?

Four tough challenges today's companies of all sizes are facing:
1. Cost of your IT infrastructure among other costs
2. Communication
3. Information overflow and too many emails to read
4. Improper management of task and responsibilities

Companies need to accept the fact that their employees are overburden by information over flow. The cost of IT is increasing and at the same time the productivity is decreasing due to information overall flow. The trend is already set to use software as a service and reduce upfront cost. Also their employees should be able to use productivity tools that will help them organize their activities, create to do list, find out who is doing what, share and edit files & documents from a centralized repository and respond to only few emails.

What kind of support services do clients who ordered your product get and how fast is the turnaround time?

We do provide limited phone support. Customers may call us at (408) 228 -3469 X 3. However, for prompt support they can send us emails. We do our best to respond to every e-mail within just a few hours of receiving it.
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