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Happy 46th National Day Celebration of Singapore: Majulah!

Today is the 46th National Day Celebration of Singapore, it is also a new beginning for Singapore. 

2011 Singapore National Day Rehearsal

On every 9th August, Singaporeans celebrate this day with watching lots of fireworks and a national program on the TV being broadcasted. This year's celebration is better than ever before. Although I am living in Budapest (Hungary) with my husband over the past three national days, this year is the first year which I managed to watch the National Day Parade (NDP) celebration 'live'.

On my Macbook. I am feeling very glad because for the previous years, I tried to watch it online but for some reason, due to the bandwidth, or due to some technical constraints, due to many unforeseeable factors, they either do not serve this region in Europe, or after I have installed the necessary plugins, a message popped up saying that there is a connection problem.

How can this be? I was angry whenever it is promised that on Internet we can watch it 'live' but didn't materialised. Even watching it together with everyone in Singapore or overseas means something. Isn't it so for a special day like its National Day? For a forward looking city nation as small as Singapore, we do not expect our day spoiled just because of the limitations of the bandwidth, or the Internet speed etc. Fortunately, this year was different, read the comments on FaceBook thread about the NDP11 that had just finished about half an hour ago:-

The overall comments was good. These people who feedback are REAL people! At least we are on the 'same page'. And this is important.

The Singapore's NDP theme this year is not just about racial harmony like the previous years. It has somehow been set as an important foundation before we even look further. The emphasis NOW is more about being together 'as one'. 

In a heartbeat. It is not that easy. Singapore is always such an ambitious little lion city. The messaging behind the musical-styled NDP celebration is clearly instilling the belief that it is possible. Most of us do like the 'Mother and Son' concept; although in musical format might have made it sounded cheesy. Overall it did delivered the idea of 'ties'. Of the bond you have with your origination.

'Mother' being the symbol of the first generation of the Singaporeans. Our forefathers who strived to build what we see today, Singapore. From a fishing village, it is how amazing 46 years can develop and has made us progress to what we SEE today - those skyscrapers are the symbols of the existence of our progress. The culture within the entire community.

'Son' being the present generation of people living in Singapore. These concepts are rather simple even if you are a foreigner, a white European or American, an ethnic Indian or Chinese. It is not segregation by skin colour or language or race. You know you have a responsibility being part of this living community. To recognize that you have an important role to play, to pass on the SPIRIT to your future generations. To appreciate what our forefathers had done.

It also has a lot of elements of encouragement. We are reminded that life is a journey, so it is not always a bed of roses. We are prepared that there will be difficult times. Albeit such hard moments, you are reminded what is the correct thoughts to behold. Majulah! That's the way what everyone wants. And if this goal is consistent, then we can ALL move forward more swiftly with less resistance.


Majulah! is a malay word which means 'Onward'. And moving forward, we should all progress together and think together as one, in a heartbeat.

In a certain mood, I like how Singapore has progressed. The bird's eye view of how it looked in the night skyline - it was to me, very beautiful! Most importantly, it is very REAL. It is not daydreaming that a fishing village can become what it is of today. It is many generations of working hard together, the sacrifice.

2011 Singapore 46th National Day

Finally, it was very inspiring to see our pledge being respected and said altogether with so much pride during the celebration at Marina Bay Floating Platform. I sincerely wish every Singaporeans a Happy National Day and better progress! Majulah!

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