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Herrings in The Netherlands

There are some delicious delicacy that the Netherlanders will recommend you to eat.

One of them is the herrings that is served in hotdog buns and eaten more like a snack. It is a healthy snack as it lowers your bad cholesterol.

These herrings are not raw as it has been gutted on board of the fishing vessel. Then it is salted before being frozen for at least two days. As the pancreas are left in place, the pancreatic enzymes do most of the conservation. The dutch eat it with freshly chopped raw onions and sliced gherkins, served like a sandwich. Such a flavourful addition and preparation maybe why the herring tastes really tender. Thus making it a Dutch culinary icon.

herring sandwich

Look out for the herring carts on the sidewalks as the vendors may have close before you even notice it. Most shops close by about six pm.


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