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Z&Z Train Ticket Adventure in Amsterdam (Holland) - Part 1


This is part 1 of our Amsterdam adventure in Holland.

In Holland, we get to experience a few things. In the part one of this our travel post, is about how to get to Amsterdam from Heidezicht.

Driving a car to Amsterdam is not advisable. Firstly, the parking fee is very expensive.  Let's say easily, it is about 35 Euros per day.
A day ticket is valid 9 a.m.-7 p.m. in the entire city, but not in the evening. It costs € 26,40. To park in the evening you should buy a night ticket, valid 7 p.m.-midnight; its price varies depend on the part of town - € 4,40up to € 17,60. Day and night ticket costs depending on the area of town up to € 39,60. A week ticket for the entire city costs € 158,40. - source 
Secondly, Amsterdam is so full of dams and it is not very easy to drive as conveniently as you wish. Most of the people ride the bicycles. Bicycles have the right of the way. If you do not know yet how the entire industry of bicycles is like in Amsterdam, read this first there are some videos about the 'bicycle city' there too.

So from Heidezicht, we set off to Ermelo by car. This is the Ermelo station. Ermelo is the next municipality and also a town in the province of Gelderland in the Veluwe area.


(That green sticker is part of the Low Emission Zone driving requirement for driving within Germany)

Look again. How neat is the parking place in the Netherlands!

We parked the car there and headed off to buy train tickets to Amsterdam. This is when our adventure started...


As we only have Euros in cash, we did not have a debit card to buy the train tickets like the locals. Fortunately, our Dutch friend Dirk was with us and in this way, he helped us to purchase the train tickets with his card. It would have been better if there is a changer, but the only counter manned by a person was a little store with a little window that sells post-cards and tit-bits. In Dutch, we were told we have to buy the tickets only from the machine. So in a way, we really trusted the machine...

It was EUR 21.80 to get from Ermelo to Amsterdam Central Station. These are Class 2 returned tickets. So in fact we should only be charged EUR 43.60.  


But instead, on Dirk's card, 87.20 EUR was deducted :( 


It was in one minute's time when our train will arrive. We realized we were doubly charged for the train tickets and all we can hope is someone on the train can help us resolve it.


We boarded the train in any case, thinking that we will ask the conductor on the train about the error.


Dirk said to Zsolt that usually he asks his wife to handle these kind of issues because it is easier for the lady to speak to the male cabin staff. So of course, Zannnie prepared herself to speak to the cabin staff.  Continue Part 2

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