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Z&Z Train Ticket Adventure in Amsterdam (Holland) - Part 2

This is part 2 of our Amsterdam adventure in Holland. Click here for Part 1

In this part (two) of our travel post about Holland, it is mainly continuing our 'train ticket adventure' and our first impressions of Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands.

To the surprise of all of us, it was a female staff working in that cabin which we boarded. (We took the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS; Dutch Railways) which is the core internal passenger rail network)


Firstly, Zannnie told her about the problem of the errors. She took over the tickets from Zannnie's hands, looked at it carefully, tried but do not understand why it actually happened. She was kind to make a phone call using her mobile to the station where we need to make a transfer before arriving to Amsterdam Central Station.

After confirming that it was indeed an error at the ticketing machine at Ermelo, she started to make a note on one of the four tickets, stating that we will be able to get a refund in cash. We just have to show it to her colleague at the 'help desk'.

We were slightly worried that we might miss the 'transfer train', but she read our concerns from our facial expressions and assured us that it will just be a few minutes.

Intercity Train Tickets to Amsterdam

So before the arrival of the transfer train to Amsterdam, we waited about five minutes (as there was a queue) where people buy tickets at the counter. When it was Zannnie's turn, she was asked to sign a piece of acknowledgement on an A5 size piece of paper about the refund (and error of the double charge). And of course, she was refunded the 43.60 Euros in cash.

We walked to the train platform to wait for our train to Amsterdam, glad that we were just on time and did not miss it. 

Then, there was this train at 10:24am...

...but it was going to Schiphol - so 'do not board it'.

Relieved. Our train to Amsterdam arrived. It was this yellow and blue intercity train and we boarded it.

Intercity Train Transfer to Amsterdam

Very sturdy looking and professional looking trains.


Another symbol of western europe: good quality seats.


The inside of the train looks very clean too. Did you notice the big 'abstract graphic'?


It looked at first glance like some vandalism, but since it is so clean everywhere else, I was doubting it and considered it more like an 'interior decorative design' with some huge brush strokes using black paints :)


This is the lower deck.


So with another 'abstract design of those black brush strokes' appearing at the other end of the cabin. I concluded that IT IS actually the decorative design! Welcome to Amsterdam :)


It feels so different to be back in a city with so much vibrancy and LIFE! It was busier than any parts of Budapest. It was exactly the same feelings I get when I am back in Singapore. It is a real capital city with full of life!! It is AMSTERDAM...!


The difference is that it is way much cooler than in Singapore! :D No such humidity discomfort...


Look! So many people around...Their halfbodies/headshots on this photo here looked like a long line of 'little ants' seen from afar.


We met our new Dutch friends at the Park Plaza Victoria. It was the first time I had two cappuccinos at one seating!!

This cafe Park Plaza that is so closed to the Central Station of Amsterdam is filled with so many people.



And we start our walking tour, appreciating the beauty of this special city of dams. Zsolt and I really like the atmosphere of Amsterdam!

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