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Mosy Bites - opinionated topical comment leavened with amusing stories

Sometimes we uncover very interesting blogs and today I chanced upon this blog called 'Mosy Bites!' with very funny posts.

The writer claimed that it is an "opinionated topical comment leavened with amusing stories". Indeed most of the stories covered were droll. It features the headlines, political and social issues, happening in the news, the funnies and online stuff.

For those who are checking the site frequently, you will come to like some of the posts such as "Absent Minded Super Pooch", "Louisiana Chickens", "How to really survive an accident", "Nuns so innocent" and the one about "Wily Wine Taster". Something like 'Merkel in the semi-finals' for an example is funny enough. It was a short note but it certainly makes me crack up, about the European leaders' International Finger Wagging Contest, yes ha ha, the IFWC!

luisiana chicken

The author quotes Betty Reese “If you think you’re too small to be effec­tive, you have never been in bed with a mos­quito.” I guess that's how he came up with the site title 'Mosy Bites'. The Mosy Bites editor invites everybody to add comments or even their favourite funny story.

However it is not without reservation. Mosy Bites will not accept comments or contributions that are 'anti-social' -violent, racist, rude. Opposing view point are very much welcomed especially in the political and social debates.

So now you know! Pop over a good daily chuckle or get down debating with comments on the Mosy Bites political and social issues.

It's definitely worth a visit.

Mosy Bites - opinionated topical comment leavened with amusing stories Reviewed by Zannnie on 4:44:00 PM Rating: 5
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