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Harry Brown

Today I went to see Harry Brown starring Micheal Cain. The English Gran Torino.... Or Gran Torino is the American Harry Brown? I don't know...

  Micheal Cain

The first movie of this kind was Death Wish with Charles Bronson for me. The same story. Slum in the big city, gangs and poor, powerless community around them who became the victim of the violence. Impotant authorities especially police. When they finally intervene is too late or make things even worse. When I watched Charles Bronson's Death Wish in the '80s on VHS it was a pretty fiction to me. Like a bad dream which was very far away from my reality. Today I had a feeling that this is age is coming soon. We are after the London riots, people are demonstrating in New York against the wealthy part of the society. In my country the tension is very alive between minorities like gypsies and between the majority of the public. I am a bit concerned that movies like these are not fictions anymore.

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