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Italy touring holidays


We have been traveling to several places and cities in Europe. The different place has its different charm and beauty. We like them in different ways and of course, we love italy.

For Italy touring holidays, we have been to Rome and Venice. We yearn for to go to Bologna once when Erika and Marco moved there from Rome, to see those ancient Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna and Modena. There are many hidden cities like this in Italy that is worth exploring.

Some days nearing the winter, we dream of traveling through the Alps. We like tranquility sometimes or rather most of the time. We like lakes and lush islands and for Italy, there is a lakeside resort of Locarno that is border to Switzerland that we are considering.
Zsolt loves the medieval history and a real Italian gem that is undiscovered as yet is the Cilento Coast, from the spectacular ruins of Paestum to a revered destination possibly like Lake Como. So many different ways to travel to Italy, as for our next Italy touring holiday, it can be via a cruise boat trip or a private boat. For me, I think I would like to see Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum and to the island of Ischia.

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