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Easy techniques to improve memory

If you are finding out the truth about better ways to remember anything, here's something for you about our minds. Some people say as we age, our memory loss and somehow deteriorates. Well, I guess it largely depends on the person as our memory can be improved by visualization techniques. One of which is the Silva Method that enhances our recall abilities. Others like The Three Fingers technique is a memory tool during the relaxed state of mind.


Alpha state is a calm mental state that recreates the entire memory from smells to sounds. Learning to focus, learning to engage at social situations helps you remember a person and the things about them. An important benefit of mastering this mental skill is it creates a better life for you as you can remember information better and builds your self-esteem. Moreover, it helps to solve problems in your life.

Using the Glass of Water technique, your subconscious mind can come up with a solution and thus triggers an entire brain creativity. It is when both your brain's hemispheres are communicating better in this alpha brainwave state of which when they are both working together that solves a problem. Unconstrained creativity together with practical logic reduces the stress and frustrations. It is important to have the correct thought process, because being in the receptive mental states helps you to 'let go' and leading you to a higher level of intelligence. Relax and perhaps a dream or an insight that is only in a flash offers a solution. You may also reverse-engineer the problem by working backwards and ALLOWING the solution to come to you by believing a solution to the problem does exist.

Easy technics to improve memory
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