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This site Expat Intelligence provides useful information about Hungary, Europe and other parts of the world. Very interesting topics like business, finance, government, health, insurance, jobs and travel information are provided about the Oceania, Africa, Asia, Caribbean as well as Latin America. 
When you click on Caribbean for example, it leads you to expat information which you ever want to know. They even attached a map and say something about its history, economy, travel requirements etc. Jobs is a good section to see the opportunities available. There are practical tips about finding contract jobs overseas and how you can better your chances to land on one. Being a traveller ourselves, we like to look at the Travel section. As an expat, you will find the usefulness of the international relocation containers, export packing, storing and crating. 

Up next is the international living costs in various cities. This site has listed down the advantages of living in a certain city you have selected and you might be moving to. You will most likely find the existing expat communities information beneficial for a head start. Some places have requirements to live and you need to apply before getting there. So this site provides the 'road less travelled' kind of valuable information and it is indeed a great resource. Furthermore, if you are looking for portals, it has a one stop page that lands you on finding out the informative and active websites for expats in Asia, in China or anywhere.
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