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I love little gadgets and ideas. The most obsessed ones I am into are  IT gadgets but every new and cute inventions are interesting to me. I have found a cool Irish website about reviewing gadgets. It is called

A very well built site with rich content. You can find here reviews about outdoor gadgets, games, retro gadgets, eco gadgets, office gadgets, audio gadgets with competitions and giveaways.

Here are two short examples from their reviews. As we travel a lot and we like camping, this compact pocket stove called Optimus Crux seems to be a perfect gadget for us.:) The review written on is just perfect. Detailed description, some are very important I think.... and information about prices.


Other funny review is about a Mini Skateboard from Karnage. A cool gadget for youngsters and I guess review websites like these are especially for them :) The site is really aware of the new trends. The site is fully social media integrated with share and link and + buttons.


The mini skateboard is really cool. Superlight...about 2.5 lb and not really fragile, you can abuse it which is important for a gadget like this - unbreakable.

Other similar gadget website is This is more about technology. Gadgets like phones, laptops, IT tools and tech news. The reviews and news available there are rather my style, again it is a great feature. I like their article about the future gadgets and the flexible touchscreen has really moved my fantasy.

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