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Guided meditation

I like moments for myself. The early morning, right after waking up, I need some minutes to relax. To be alone deep in my mind. Its like I am still sleeping or being on halfway to the real world.

I need moments like this right before stressful events. When I have an important speech somewhere. For example on a conference. I prefer to move away, if it is possible to the balcony or to the roof, seeking for fresh open air. Relaxing. Some minutes like this are worth of sleeping an hour.


I think meditation is what I need to survive my routine of the everydays. Of course the best would be to move to Japan or to Tibet to be amongst Buddhist monks but I am a European having a totally different culture. One of the westernized way of meditation is the guided meditation with some music or even with instructors.

A meditation like this can help you to achieve an inner piece and to step into a world which is basically far from the western culture. We do not like to be in silence. Doing nothing has no value but in meditation doing nothing means that we listen to ourselves instead of leading away our attention to the world outside.

Using the method of guided meditation might be a first step into a world that may ease our everydays.

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