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Social advertising - linknami

Many bloggers try to make some pocket money from their blogs. Beside blogging, building a small community is also a motivation for blogging. My experience is that smart, talented bloggers can make even relevant money from blogging, especially if they live in a country where $5-10 is already a considerable amount for a load of work.

The easiest way to generate money is to insert some ads, for example google ads which is naturally offered by google. That is really a pocket money only, more effective way is to find your own advertisers. But this is very time consuming and being at the lower end of the long tail, most likely, your blog will not be the optimal solution for a powerful advertiser. 

The optimal solution might be to find a marketplace where advertisers and publishers are brought together. Linknami is a marketplace like this. You can sign up both as advertiser or publisher with your blog/website and then after doing the basic settings, all you have to do is taking care of your content.


One of the advantages of Linknami is that it is fully social media integrated. You can earn money not only with your blog but with the related twitter and facebook accounts too. This is the future, I guess. What are the ways to advertise on your blog?

  • You can publish text links or text ads
  • You can place a banner to your site
  • You can allow contextual links
  • Or you can write/publish articles in certain topics.
Being paid for blogging is not a sin. And if you are clever enough you can make your passion to be your money making opportunity as well.

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