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Special Invention: Elizabeth Anne Shoes

I love boots and have been shopping for boots ever since I moved to Europe. While surfing online, I found the first revolutionary boot with hidden pockets. It is really useful to have these hidden pockets and I imagine using these boots when I want to shop without bring my purse, or go to the disco without the hassle of holding any handbags. As my husband and I love to travel, sometimes, it seemed the going out anywhere empty handed is impossible. However, these patent-pending newly designed boots with pockets will change these situations completely.


Purse n' Boots is the first of its kind, like a purse for our feet. It is knee-height is so ideal for cold winter days when you will be in a winter coat which itself is rather heavy for a lady. These boots not only reduce the amount of weight you bring along while walking in the snow or cold climate, its classic design gives it a leg lengthening effects that is really great for asians like myself. The thick rubber sole is also very comfortable for traction. I love the leather boots as this material is very reliable, soft and durable too.


If you want to imagine the size of the pocket on the left boot, it can hold an iPhone. Imagine that thickness and size of pocket within your boot, it makes it really practical with the right boot that has slots for your credit cards. Next is a bottom pouch to hold up a house key. I think if you plan to dance the whole night through, that is about all that you need to bring with you. You can now dress up stylishly, handsfree, enjoy the entire night dancing away.

Purse n' Boots on FACEBOOK.

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