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Vacation in California

In my country, California sounds like a super-exotic destination. One of the symbols of the USA with sunshine, surfing, very blue ocean, palms and America itself. When I was a child, this country was unavailable for us. California was like a dream that maybe even doesn't exist.

Joshua Tree National Park:

First time I heard about Joshua Tree was from the album of the U2. It had been my favorite album from them. But Joshua Tree is also a National Park in California on 800,000 acres of land.

Interestingly, even if most of us have never been there, everything sounds so familiar in California. San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge, Hollywood and Los Angeles itself, Palm Spring, San Diego, Sacramento. We knew these places from the movies. Are they really like this?

Palm Spring:

I am almost 40 and I have never been to the US. Ok, once I was flying over it when I travelled from Amsterdam to Mexico City. But I do not consider it as a trip to the US even if I saw Chicago, Houston and the middle part of the US in between.

Nowadays we do not need VISA anymore to enter the US. So, I think its time to prepare our very first vacation to the sunny California. I have decided that if one day I will have the opportunity to travel there I will focus on the tiny details. I wanna know the differences between the movies and the reality.

Those famous really red apples:


If California is really like this we have to go there!!:) 2012 will be our California Vacation time!
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