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The Bubble Truck

Sonny Fenwick is an artist and children entertainer in the U.S. He is organizing so called bubble parties for children travelling around with his 'art car'...a bubble truck.


The only circus person I have ever liked in my childhood was the clown. I usually felt pity for the animals in circus and whatever attractions they showed, I found trapeze artists the most boring. However, clowns were all fun! I loved them and as an adult I have read a lot about the traditional roles of clowns and the history of this art. Other impression I had about clowns was the movie with Robin Williams called "Patch Adams". Later I saw professional clowns visiting hospitals cheering up the days of children with severe health problems including children in terminal phase. The saddest situation of the life journey which I can imagine...dying children...and these artists bring some smiles even to the hardest moments. I fully respect clowns like that.

For Sonny Fenwick, he visits different cities in the U.S. on his nicely decorated Bubble Truck  organizing bubble parties for children on parades, private events. An amazing enterprise and generating a lot of fun for the children.

In 2007, Sonny Fenwick made bubbles for a fund raising event known as the Special Olympics of Kentucky. Since then, he is regularly organizing charity events for disabled children in wheelchair. He meets with children and asks them how they would customize their wheelchair. And he creates that for them. A great man with great ideas...

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