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Endless scrolling for Tumblr

I have found a great description about how to make a Tumblr blog to be an endless scrolling tumblr. This opportunity is also known as autopage or infinite scrolling. The advantage of this is that your blog will be an endless page that you will be able to scroll until the very first post without clicking the previous page or older post button. 

I love that lately all smart solutions are available on the Internet. Many times I am using descriptions that are in fact blog entries for inserting facebook like or share buttons to a certain blog. And I am very thankful that there are guys that are nice enough to give a detailed description guiding through the entire process.


This blog entry on Tumblring is also very detailed, giving a step by step guide with photos and with all the necessary html codes. As Tumblr users are using many different themes the article has been updated with couple of methods that may work on different layouts.

Of course I have tried it on my own Tumblr, too. To me the second version worked, so I had to insert the given code to the html. Now scrolling my Tumblr it jumps to the next page without clicking anything. Supercool:)

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