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Twelve months loans

12 month payday loans are a way for many people to get their hands on quick and instant cash that lasts for an extended payback period of up to a year. Since the 2008 crisis many people need opportunities like this. This loan is basically for people who have income but haven't got the required funds to pay their bills.


You can have an access to this credit even if your credit history involves IVAs. Your history is not taken into account. So let's say this is really an accessable money.

Twelve months loans range from Ł100 to Ł2000. In case you want a tiny bit of cash to cover you until the next payday, that is exactly what you will receive. You are not restricted to use this money for special purposes, you can do what you want with the cash once it hits your account. Paying off other overdue debts, helping to pay household and utility bills, getting products and belongings, or repairing your house are all okay.

Other advantage of this loan is that you can apply through the Online Medium. So this is a fast, flexible solution with high approval rate.

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