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Luxury Villa Photographer

Rhea Somer Rustan is a photographer and a human resources guru in Los Angeles and Mexico. We have conducted a short interview with her:


How do you consider yourself as a Human Resources Guru?

Work as a guru in my field - I am well versed on employment lay, employee relations, and training, with over 13-years experience plus the constant refresher courses I take, I am someone that employees, Senior level staff, and relatives of people employed by the company can come to no matter what. I usually know the answer off the top of my head to their questions and I always find a resolution for their problems. I remember almost everyone I meet and I am the sole HR person with my own company, Luxury Villa Photographer.

Based on your personal experiences, what are the key elements of making a good piece of photography for your kind of work?

A: The key elements are simple:

1- Composition
2- Time of Day
3- Lighting ( I photography with tungsten and hollywood lighting, andy signature is shadows that are created by lights and the plants to create a mood or setting that is attractive to the eye.
4- Different exposures - Shooting different exposures can change the feel of the photo, but combining them all into one, and taking out the things that are an eye soar is easy as long as I have different elements to look at for final work on the photo.
5- Post production- This includes photoshop, layering, cropping, high and low res files, etc.

What inspires you when you are making photographs of luxuy villas?

The mood of the villa inspires the way I may photograph the place. Also, twilight time inspires me as I can make the sunset work with me to lighten the windows or I can swith my aperature just a tad to bring the red and orange colors out of the sky. It makes the photograph of the villa itself, more dramatic and fancy. I am always inspired by what the homeonwer likes, and I can usually tell what they like by their selection of furniture and art. This makes me think about what I can do to impress the oner by accentuating what they are proud of.

How competitive is your pricing?

Very competitive and I will match anyone in my area of expertise's prices to compete. Also, I run specials in which I don't charge for usage. This is rarely done by any photographer that is a pro like me, so clients jump on these offers when they are announced.

What other strengths and talents do you possess? What other work do you enjoy doing?

I have experience and am very good at writing stories for newspapers and having my photography attached to the story or article. I am often asked to write articles and have many years experience doing so. I also love to volunteer for charities and get involved with community projects. I am a very strong leader and have a very good background in public speaking and training. I love to speak to crowds and train people on things that are new to them. I used to be a teacher abroad part time, so I would have to say teaching and training are things that are near and dear to me.

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