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The Intrepid Modern Travelers Polo du Jour

The Intrepid Modern Travelers Polo du Jour is a launching startup Menswear Social Network Brand provided by The Fraternity & Co. They sell poloshirts for the modern gentlemen delivering oldworld luxury in a new world package. We have conducted a short interview with the founder Tunde Uche-Kaine.

Antique shank buttons are used in "The Fraternity & Co" brand of polo shirts, could you tell us how these buttons differentiates you from your competition?
Yes, ordinary polo shirts are expensive because of the cottons, finishings, heritage and marketing, however once worn there is no value in the shirt perse. Our shirts are valuable because of the button and the wearers taste which inherently makes the shirt/button combination valuable and heirlooms. Basically something you can hand down that has sentimental value, or even gift to friends and family which actually has value. Here in the UK polo shirts are the number 1 gifting items on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Why would people who like your brand also want certificates? How did you get inspired to include this detail in your product branding? 
The certificates are for the buttons, they’re a valuable addition to the shirt, as they’re made in the same age old traditional methods the Victorians’ used of die stamping: an archaic method which is both costly and time consuming. Also annually there will only be so many made to reflect our membership numbers, which means the value of the buttons will go up as The Fraternity & Co grows.

Is there a special series for your brand launch and what is the price range like? 
Yes, were launching on Kickstarter and we’ve created the Series A button especially for the launch. Limited to 1000 pieces therefore 500 shirts, making these buttons ultra exclusive & collectable.

Your product has a very special packaging. Why was the tin chosen? 
I wanted to create Polo shirts for the modern gentlemen delivering oldworld luxury in a new world package and I felt the tins exemplified this.

Why did you choose to launch your brand on Kickstarter and what are your aims? 
Kickstarter was a stab in the dark, I wanted to birth the brand on social media, and Kickstarter seemed appropriate.

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