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Steven Kronick on Music, Love and Legacy

Steven Kronick lives in Malibu, California and he spends a lot of time in Palm Beach Island, Las Vegas, Colorado, Miami. We have conducted an interview with him.

Of all the things in the world, why music?
Music is eternal. Music makes us feel alive. That's the core of why we do anything. To feel alive. Music releases our souls to really live. To fully love on levels deeper than we can imagine, comprehend, remember or describe.

Music can have so many different effects on people. As an original, what's your purpose?

The idea is to inspire all generations forever, to enjoy life completely. To cause love. To help people fall and stay in love. People want to experience love in a complete way. They remember the music they heard when they fell in love. The songs they used. Music can make you feel anything, instantly. There's nothing better than love and music is the best way to inspire that.

What do you enjoy most about performing?
I love the audience. You can really feel the audience and they can feel exactly what you feel. I’ve been on stage since I was 4 years old. People often talk about “being in the zone,” and for me the stage is that zone. It’s where I can give the most. Where I come alive.

You've lived all around the world. What one desire do all people share?

Everyone wants two things more than anything else. Love and freedom. Everyone wants both at the same time. True love is free. True freedom is filled with love. The perfect mix does exist. It's just a matter of trust. That's the one desire that unites everyone.

How does music make a positive difference in the world?
The earth has more than enough arguing, fighting, proving, competing and convincing. Pure love is the antidote to all that. We can all relax inside love, and suddenly realize that we are all people, just trying to breathe, all kindred spirits, just trying to be. Life is the gift, love is the prize. And the best legacy anyone can leave, is one that helps people love.

Listen to Steven Kronick's original hits "Free To Love" and "Play"  now on iTunes.

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