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Today our guest is Joseph Marcus from NYC. He runs an app company called WhatsGoodApps LLC. that currently has a number of apps live on the app store. We have conducted and interview with Joseph.

What is ''WhatsGoodApps'' about and how many apps do you manage?
WhatsGoodApps is about building a product that will help people use their mobile devices more efficiently. We currently manage 23 apps thats are live on the app store.

Which is the most challenging project so far? What does it consists of?
Our most challenging and most exciting app so far is The Peers App. We expect to launch it in the next few weeks and anticipate it to be a total game changer. It introduces a new concept in conflict resolution that we feel certain will appeal to everyone. The Peers App uses crowd resolving for any kind of conflict that people find themselves in, from the most common and uncomplicated to the unique and complex.

Who are your target audiences?
For most of our apps, our target audiences are teenagers from 14-18. That's the age group we have found to be most effective with our apps.

When did you start your first own company? What is one of your most memorable lesson?
I started my company freshman year of college. I dropped out of school two years later to work on building up the company.

How do you think someone should prepare himself/herself before embarking on the app business?
The most memorable lesson I learned is to always do research on someone before pitching them an idea. My first week in the business I reached out to a top individual in the music industry and scheduled a phone conference. I didn’t do my research and didn't make much sense, I was a little too confident and the call ended quite fast.

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