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Australian DJ Rod Dawson

One hit, that’s all it takes in the music business to make someone an overnight star. Of course, this is a ridiculous idea, the biggest joke in entertainment is that an artist is an instant success…decades in the making. Still, every artist can tell you about that one moment when everyone seemed to suddenly be aware of them. Australian DJ Rod Dawson experienced his particular moment as a result of his collaboration with Slushii on the remix of “Like a Bitch” by Zomboy. Slushii (DJ Julian Scanlan) was so impressed by Dawson’s talent that he immediately booked him as the opening act for his tour, exposing this Australian artist to a US fan base. Perhaps more than any other art form, music has long held the power to use one unifying hit song to propel an artist’s career. Rod’s remix has resonated with concert goers and some of the world’s most famous DJs alike. Those who have been playing his work include such instantly recognized names as Skrillex, Kayzo, Jauz, Party Thieves, and Slushii. The later was so taken with Dawson’s music and performance that he added him as the opening act for his “Light It Up” tour. Already a household name among DJs in his native Australia, Rod is about to make the rest of the world sit up and take notice. 

This remix of “Like A Bitch” is a mix between PSY Trance and Dubstep. The original track was dubstep which Dawson transformed into Psy Trance, giving it bouncy high energy feel. The result was literally a style like no one had heard before. The collaboration travelled back and forth between the two artists with Rod doing the initial lion’s share of the process as well as a few final touches. Dawson’s creative approach to the song appeals to the more forward minded/aficionados while the four on the floor kick unifies anyone who relates to free-spirited dancing. Dawson concedes, “I think it’s the sub and bass that makes everybody lose their minds. They get lost in the groove of the break beat high hats that add to the hype of the track live…the energy is like nothing I have ever seen for one of my songs. The drop of the track is so un-expected and the driving of the kicks and bass groove just makes people lose their minds.”” 

Slushiii is already an instantly recognizable name in the DJ world; while he was aware of Dawson, their collaboration on this song instantly flipped a switch for him. As soon as he heard the finished song, Slushii bought a round trip plane ticket for Dawson, demanding that he come to perform the song live with him. Slushii’s insistence that the song was so innovative and exciting was proven by the crowd’s reaction to their performance. Rod confesses, “It was one of my most memorable moments when Slushii’s smiled after I finished performing the song live and him he told me I killed it. For someone on his level to believe in me like he did and then tell me that what I did was amazing and that things were just going to get more exciting from this point on, it was something that I will never forget. It still makes me work hard to this day.” Reinforcing these thoughts, Slushii himself notes, “I’ve watched Rod showcase his music skills and he’s a technical wizard with crazy talent. He really knows how to work a crowd! The track we worked on only took a few weeks because Rod has a very clear vision of what he wants to create. “Volt” is already being played out by some of the biggest names in the music scene, which means Rod’s brand in the US (and beyond) is strong. I feel like “Volt” has a tight, new perspective on EDM and has the potential to be something huge. I myself have been producing music for years and playing festival mainstages over the last year so I can tell when someone has the talent to make it big…and Rod definitely has it.” 

To assist propelling Rod’s star into the North American market, Slushii has chosen Dawson to open for him on his upcoming tour. The opportunity has already been bringing fans from Slushii’s camp to an awareness of Rod’s music via Social Media. Selfie seekers, promoters, booking agents, and others have been seeking out this exciting Australian artist. Slushii had previously jammed with Dawson offstage and has recently taken to inviting him out to gigs to sit in during his set. Vetting an as of yet unknown in the US artist this way has an immediate effect on both Dawson’s image on the scene and his experience amidst it. The confidence that such an established artist (as Slushii) has in him, automatically legitimizes him to a new group of listeners; after he steps onstage it’s up to Rod to make that concrete. He communicates, “While I’d been in front of some big crowds, I had never been on a stage with that many thousands of people watching. I felt that Slushii had given me this huge opportunity by putting me in front of all of his fans…the last thing I wanted to do was mess up and let him down. The thing is, once you get up there, all of your instincts and preparation take over and you don’t even think about it. Getting to see how a crowd of fans I had never played to lose their minds over what I could do, a crowd that came for Slushii but when I dropped my stuff were going mad, it was like something I had ever seen before and really mind blowing. It’s definitely the type of experience I want more of!”  

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