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Brandon Lankar remains calm in the face of stardom for the 2015 iHeart Radio MMVAs

Brandon Lankar knows better than most that as a producer, you must have a clear vision of what you’d like to create and a carefully crafted plan of how to execute it. In addition, he has a firm understanding that if he intends for an audience to connect with his work, he has to keep his content fresh, new, and engaging at all times. As he sees it, the art of television production allows him a platform to showcase his expert ability to not only plan and organize every last detail of a project, but also a keen interest in stepping outside of the traditional confines of his profession and taking risks in the interest of offering audiences content unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced. He knows that his job requires him to differentiate himself from his competition and because of that, he allows himself to think outside of the box and for his creativity to seep through the content he produces. The result of this mindset, for Lankar, has landed him a reputable place in the television industry; however, he is simply grateful to be able to call his deepest passion in life work.

“Once you establish a vision, you have to figure out how you’re going to make that vision a reality and then work tirelessly to execute it. There is little room for hesitation or fear. I have been anything but risk adverse when it comes to my career and that's something that has been incredibly beneficial when producing. I also believe that if you're trying to get an audience to really connect with something you're producing, you can’t do something that's been done before. So, you have to push the boundaries as much as you can and not be afraid that you might offend someone or that someone might be uncomfortable with your work. I've always said that I don't care if you hate my work or you love it. All I care about is whether or not it makes you feel something,” detailed Lankar.

For many television producers, it is intimidating when an opportunity arises to produce a high profile event with prestigious guests. For Lankar, on the other hand, getting to work with celebrities is hardly different from working with individuals who live outside of the public eye. He has a unique ability to remain professional, yet assertive when directing celebrities behind the camera and does so in such a way that appears seamless on screen. More importantly, it appears to be entertaining. His ability to withstand letting his nerves get the better of him, coupled with his strength in excelling through tight deadlines, made him the ideal candidate for the job and the perfect person to handle being a red carpet producer for such a fast-paced event.

In preparation for the awards show, Lankar tirelessly rehearsed the arrival of cars, practicing how to get celebrities from one spot to another and how to account for any potential mishaps along the way. Then, during the event, Lankar remains in close contact with each celebrity’s publicist to ensure that they arrive to the red carpet on time, knowing when they will exit the car and where to position photographers to capture the magic. Along the way, he mitigates early and late arrivals to make sure that audiences are unable to detect any scheduling conflicts or unplanned situations. He does so in a seemingly effortless way, refraining from conceding under pressure.

Looking back, Lankar feels a great sense of accomplishment knowing that he was one of the main reasons that the red carpet event for the 2015 iHeart Radio MMVAs was such a great success. Statistics show that more than 4.4 million Canadians participated in the television broadcast, which also accumulated an audience of 1.4 million viewers and a subsequent 155,000 hits online. In addition, it was powered by nearly 450,000 mentions via hashtag and more than 2 billion social impressions overall. It is hard for him to believe that all of the chaos and excitement paid off in such a monumental way; however, he was simply humbled to be able to work on such a highly viewed, overly enjoyed broadcast. Knowing that he was attracting an audience that consisted primarily of pre-teens made him feel even more honored. Having an impact on such formative years of a pre-teens life helps to solidify the amount of meaning and joy his job brings him.

“It feels incredible to see how successful this red carpet segment was. I like to think it’s so successful because it’s everyone’s favorite part of the meal: the appetizer. When you go to a restaurant, you’re starving for a steak. But when your server brings out those breadsticks with butter, it’s as if that could be your last meal on earth. This show is the lead up to the big show. The proof is in the pudding because without this well-run machine, you wouldn’t have everyone watching the main show and you wouldn’t have had a nation-wide reaction like we did,” he concluded.

Written by Joyce Cameron
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