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Conducting a written Interview

The procedure: We feature creative people who want the opportunity to share information about their innovative projects. An interview is the best way to showcase your work. It gives the reader an inside look into your personal story. An advertisement alone can not generate this. 1. You place your order. (via e-mail at  or by clicking on the button below) 2. Please send us your basic description about yourself and your activity. Requested information: Your name (the name you want to use in the interview) Your location (Country, State, City). We geotag our interviews and from time to time we feature them based on location, genre and popularity. A large (min. 1MB), high resolution, horizontal picture that we would use on the heading of your interview and on the main page of our interview magazine. Based on this information we will create 4-5 interview questions. Within 3-4 days you will receive the questions. As soon as you send us the a

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