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What it Means to See a Comment on my Post by Mr Adolf Ratzka

In January, I uploaded a post about the disability movement led by Ed Robert and Adolf Ratzka. There was a video about Mr Adolf Ratzka in the 1970's and another that Ed discusses about the future of independent living.

Not just because I am interested in the research about Independent Living, I truly believe it is possible. I have worked with students with disabilities and they told me their dreams to be able to do several things independently. These things are usually taken for granted by people who do not have a disability. The inspiration which I have drawn from these amazing people is that they have this strong yet undaunted spirit in them which you do not usually find in most people.

To our surprise, Mr Adolf Ratzka wrote us a comment under that post on 4th March! :) Wow, that was such an honour! He wrote when and how he and Ed were since in contact, how he gained much help from people he is grateful to. It was yet another inspiring moment. All thanks to the great interview with English subtitles by filmmaker Werner Herzog that started these all. Most of all, I really appreciate both their efforts and contributions to the disability movement. 

In this day and age, to be able to see his comment in response to a post written was such an honour, this was how amazing it gets.

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