Companies hire people, not paper - interview with Bernard Bonomo

Bonomotion has created a new solution to help individuals market and distinguish themselves. Especially college graduates who often have little experience to show, they can now have a "Mini-Movie" produced which enables them to showcase their passion, personality and potential they can offer employers.


We interviewed Bernard Bonomo, CEO of the video production company in Miami, FL about Bonomotion.

The Ultimate Video Resume by your video production company is an interesting niche that sets you apart from the others. How do you bring out the most from college graduates who often have little experience to show?
We developed Mini-Movies with the millennial generation in mind (18-30 year olds), because this platform now gives individuals who are long on enthusiasm but short on experience --a way to showcase all the wonderful things that make them unique and valuable to a company. We believe that there are many other meaningful 'experiences,' beyond just 'work-related', that can help define a person. Even if they've just had an internship or part-time work in a related field, that can be enough to demonstrate their ability to make things happen in the future. We integrate our clients personal pictures, videos and accomplishments into each mini-movie, to really give you a sense of what they've done up to this point. Finally, our unique process includes a welcome package, which contains tips, tools and questions designed to help individuals market and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Which job positions are best presented in videos?
The great thing is that Mini-Movies can work for everyone. Especially occupations that rely on personal communication skills and such as; Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Health Care, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Modeling & Acting, Performing or Visual Arts, Legal and Human Resources. Mini-Movie video resumes are without question the best way for creative extraverts to make that memorable first impression.

What special aspects can the video resume present a potential candidate as compared to the paper CV?
The single most important thing to realize is that companies hire people, not paper. Even with an impressive resume, it’s difficult to not get lost in the shuffle considering the massive amounts of people applying for the same position. Also, a bullet point on your resume saying • Great communication & sales skills, versus seeing you in crystal clear HD, telling 60 sec story about how you increased sales by 200% is a no brainer. We are living in the technology age, and the idea of summing up “who you are and what you can do” on a 1 page piece of paper is ridiculous.

Do you think that video resumes will become the future way of recruitment?
The same way iPods revolutionized the way we enjoy music and media, our mission is to make Mini-Movies the global standard for personal video production. We have no doubt that this service makes both sides of the recruitment/hiring process easier, faster and more effective. Imagine all the time and money saved from traveling across the country for interviews, if the hiring manager has already seen your best interview. When someone contacts you after seeing your Mini-Movie, you know he or she already ‘like what they see,’ and want to meet in order to discuss the job position. Success in business is all about getting in front of the right person, and we’ve put you in the front of the line.

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