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Choice Within - interview

Brian is a trained chef, author and mentor. His book called  "In The Weeds" is coming out soon. We asked him bout his works:


How did you become a chef and author? What inspires you to be a mentor?
Since I was very young, I have always enjoyed cooking. It has been a passion of mine since I can remember. As I grew older I started to get to the core of what it was about cooking that I enjoyed most. As it turns out, my real passion is to create and develop. This has lead me into the mentor roll. I love to watch people grow into themselves. Seeing people develop into what God has intended them to become is the most amazing experience ever. Lately, I have been putting my life journey on paper through my blog and my new book coming out in the fall of 2011 “In The Weeds” which you will be able to find at

Which are the techniques or methodology you use to mentor others?
When mentoring someone, my goal is to let them see for their selves the value that they poses. We all have value in the world, and many of us lose our confidence along the way. Life comes at us fast and its easy to get down on ourselves. Finding ones true passion and excitement for life is my main goal in coaching.

How did you overcome your problems and eventually recovering?
My book 'In the weeds” is my life story about the struggles as I had with self esteem and alcohol. Drinking nearly killed me. I am alive today because my family took the time to convince me that my life had value. I spent time in a rehab center and I work everyday one day at a time on keeping sober. I will never be fully recovered, I like to call it education without graduation.

Did anyone help you along the way to better your situations?
Once I got sober, I was told by several people that I should give back. This was the start of my mentoring and writing. I never knew that I had so much value within me. I can't tell you how many people coached me and loved me back to life. It is the sole reason why I believe in giving back.

What advice would you give to people who faces the same life situations as you?
If there is anyone out there that may be struggling with an addiction or low self worth, please don't go at it alone. The honest truth is, there are more people like you than there are not. This world is full of people that struggle, but there is hope. Never give up on yourself, be true to what is bothering you and reach out for help. I believe that if we can all just view each other from the inside rather than the outside, we would live in a much more productive and peaceful world.

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