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Mary Margaret Park

Mary Margaret Park, an author and poet (who as well serves as a musician and producer). She is having great reactions to her recently released short story titled, “Rising” (a part of the [Devil’z Hide] writings) and is too having success with her song titled “Robot-Mind Robot-Eye”, which has aired for two consecutive weeks at [Off the Chart] Radio UK, approaching a third week (with the song now being added to the Galaxy 24/7 rotations).


Q: What inspires you and how did you become an author and song writer as well?

A: When I catch a glimpse of something beautiful, like a crimson sky, when the sun is setting, it inspires me. I’m awed by its beauty, but also humbled by the complexity of what I’m viewing; the raw science behind it all. I’m also inspired by the human condition. Some people overcome great adversity, all the while existing with kindness, while others become bitter and cruel, because they didn’t win an Emmy or receive a pat on the back. What’s the difference between enjoying victory and taking pleasure in the ride to achievement? I’m inspired by society as a whole in terms of action, reaction, consequence, humor, even to the extent where I find comedic relief under tragic circumstances. As for the arts, I was surrounded by music as a child. Everyone in my family sang and played musical instruments, so writing songs comes naturally for me. Writing does as well. My parents read a great deal and my father wrote stories and poetry. He understood the power of words and impressed upon us the importance of picking up the dictionary whenever we came across a word we didn’t know. I spent hours at the library reading when I was a small child, starting with stories by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Somehow, I ended up in the section that housed some of the works of the great philosophers. After that, I started collecting quotes.

Q: In your opinion, is it different writing a song versus writing a novel or short story?

A: Yes, it is painstaking to write and edit a story compared to composing a song and lyrics, but I probably wouldn’t think that if I were writing an entire opera. The main differences are in the points of stimulation.

Q: Are the characters written in your latest novel inspired by someone you met or knew in your life?

A: In a way they are, by people, places, even snippets of conversation I’ve overheard. The visual arts; paintings, photographs, and films, are treasure troves of ideas. It is surprising what comes to mind when you’re not looking for inspiration. All of a sudden, it occurs to you and you have no way to jot it all

Q: In the near future, what do you wish to do with your talents in poetry?

A: I’m not certain, although, I’ve considered putting a poetry collection together. If I do, I’m going to light a few copies on fire for YouTube.

Q: Who would you recommend your novel 'The Road Avenger' to?

A: People who enjoy suspense stories set in post apocalyptic worlds and fans of the 1985 Data East laserdisc classic “Road Blaster”, from which the story is inspired. Some people say it is like crossing [Mad Max] with [The Stand]. –
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