A special inflatable booster seat - Interview with Kathi Kornel about Easy Car Seat

We have asked Kathi Kornel about their new invention, a special inflatable booster car seat:


'Strong as a rafting boat', that is such an unique feature about this special inflatable booster seat. How long did it take your company to research and design such a wonderful product that is compact, inflatable and with a highback booster that are functionally good for children?
Research and development phase took over a year. The first design for the inflatable booster seat was completed in Year 2007. The first safety certificate dates back to the summer of 2008. Our experience in inflatable boat technology and design of traditional car seat accessories to various automotive manufacturers provided the necessary experience with the design of the inflatable car booster seat.

What kind of certifications sets your product apart from the other types of car seat?
The Easycarseat carries the CE mark, the E8 universal design mark and 5 Certificates from European and North American testing facilities. The EU countries are covered by the ECE R44-04 safety standard and the US Federal Vehicle Safety Standard is FMVSS-213. The Easycarseat booster seat is certified for use in Europe, Russia and North America from 15-36 kgs (33-80 lbs).

How does your product compare with backless booster seats and what are your advice to new buyers of car seat for their young children?
It is better to use a backless booster seat than no child booster seat at all, but if you use one, we would advise you to change it for a full-size booster seat as soon as possible. High back booster seats provide better support for the upper body of the child.

Do you consider the science behind the safety valve the most important development in the Easycarseat inflatable booster seat?
There are a number of significant developments considering the nature of this safety product. One of the questions often raised is “how the inflatable booster behaves when it meets high pressures and high temperatures”. The built in overpressure air valve is the answer to these questions. This valve will automatically maintain the optimal air pressure inside the booster seat, thus preventing it from popping.


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