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Interview with Luna Charles

Luna Charles is self-publish author and the Director of Hardcastle Enterprises Corp.. Men Are Not The Problem is Luna's first novel, which was released October 2010. We made a short interview with her.

Luna Charles

As a writer, you have received quite a number of good reviews. What kind of reviews about your writing do you appreciate the most?
I appreciate all reviews. But the ones I appreciate the most are the honest ones, the ones givens from the heart. I believe every artist works every day to better themselves, not only for their art but for their fans. And heartfelt reviews help us do this, it helps me become a better writer and please my fans more.

Were the ''interracial-multicultural" elements in your novel based on your personal experiences or based upon researches and observations around you?
Most of it was base on my personal experience. I don’t think there is any substitute for that kind of understanding when you’re a writer. Life I believe is all about the experiences we have. What we learn from them and what we can teach others because of them.

How do you describe your style of writing?
My style is contemporary fiction. I take you into the story in a first person atmosphere, developed the story in the foreground, while introducing the characters to you slowly in the back ground. There is always multiple stories and conflicts happening in my pages.

What kind of prerequisites do you think is the most important to write in the Literary/Fiction genre?
I think the most important thing to being a good writer is the passion for it and the stamina to keep going. A great imagination helps, but that can always be developed like any great skill. But passion for the art and endurance keep you writing through the days when you have writer block or start second guessing you story is the most important thing.

How long did you take to write your novel 'Men Are Not the Problem', from the start to the release? What kind of challenges did you encounter along the way?
My first novel, ‘Men Are Not The Problem’ was a labor of love. It took 5 years from start to finish. I rewrote the manuscript 4 times, changed characters, changed story line, and had temper tantrums because I couldn’t find the right word to fit the sentence. I laughed, cried, cursed, gave up and then got back on the computer and kept going. I was like I knew that if I could just get the story out of my head and finish, I could do anything. And now I know I can do anything if I just keep moving forward.

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