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Interview with Roy Seaberg

Roy Seaberg is the owner of Robustbacklinks that may help you to get a higher rank in google. We made a short interview with him.

What made you to be interested in online businesses? Do you think it is a promising industry?
You have worldwide exposure in online business and will save on expenses compared to a physical office. It is a promising industry because most of the world is not online but will be soon in a few years.


How backlinks can help someone to grow his/her blog's rank in search engines?
When Google or any search engine sees more links for a site for specific keywords, It will rank that site higher for that keyword.

What are high authority backlinks? What makes them special?
Google or similar search engines gives websites with a lot of traffic/visitors a higher search page rank compared to new websites. A high authority backlink is when your website is linked to these more popular sites which makes your website rank higher. A few high authority backlinks to your site can outweigh thousands of regular backlinks.

How your website helps people to grow their SEO rank?
The backlinks can help your site rank higher for keywords in search engines. It is a faster,more efficient way to get a higher page rank compared to slowly growing through regular marketing. Please check out the variety of backlink packages I have to offer. Thank you and have a pleasant day.

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