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30 dirty days

Sheri C. Johnson. A 28 yr old author and recording artist from Atlanta Ga, who wrote an inspirational autobiography (30 Dirty Days: The Pinky Book) about a 13yr old runaway. A story about love, life, child abuse, and the street life. tells how she got the name pinky, detailed information on her life on the streets as a kid and urban life from the inside. We made a short interview with her:

  30 dirty days

When you were writing your book "30 Dirty Days: The Pinky Book", did you made up the characters or most of what happened in the story about child abuse, life and street life are genuine? What is the guiding spirit behind? 

When i was writing the book "30 Dirty Days: The Pinky Book" i keep things truthful. I didn't add or subtract anything or even write it in a way to favor my character. It's simply an autobiography about a 13 yr old runaway and her experiences, whether it's good or bad its the truth. The characters are ALL real. I changed the names to protect their identity, but all the characters are real. The guiding spirit behind me writing this book came from God i must say. I highly doubt he wanted this story to die in vain. I feel everything i went through is a testimony and can help families and step-families know the domino effect of child-abuse. And also i also wanted to shed some light into where runaways go when they leave home, more details are in the Un-Cut Version of "30 Dirty Days: The Pinky Book". My family had no idea where i had gone or What i did or went through until i wrote this book. I never told anyone this story. It's truly exclusive. 

Which part of this autobiography is the most difficult to write? 

The Most difficult parts to write was cropped out and only available in the Un-Cut Version now. It's hard for me to go back and relive the abuse and even talk about it now because now that I'm older and have forgiven the people who wronged me, it reminds me of what i went through all over again, so it was the hardest for me write. 

How much time did it take you to complete writing the book? 

It took me weeks to write the book, then months to edit it. Even when i thought i was done it took a few more months fixing mistakes i hadn't noticed before. So ill say a year. It took a year to get the Official Book completed. 

What would make the entire story change differently? At which point in the story? 

Wow. (laughs) If my dad wouldn't have married his wife i wouldn't have a story. It all began the day he married her. I never thought about that. 

If this book is chosen to be made into a film, who (amongst the international pool of actresses) would be best fit to be the main character? 

If this story was chosen to be made into an international film, i would want Meagan Good to play the teenage me for resemblance purposes. I don't know many younger actresses to re-enact the younger me, but someone who resembles me I'll say :)


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