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Independent Music Promotions - Interview

James Moore (Vancouver, Canada) is the author of the popular music marketing book: "Your Band Is A Virus" and the CEO of Independent Music Promotions. We made a short interview with him.


Which is more challenging: being a CEO of Independent Music Promotions or being an author writing about how to market music? Why? 

Neither is overly difficult as long as I manage my time properly. At Independent Music Promotions, I simply build relationships with both the music media as well as the independent bands I promote. I work hard to show respect to the industry people and give them the materials they require to make their lives easier. I also endeavour to go above and beyond for any artist I work with, whether it’s as their promoter or just writing a music review. As far as writing articles and books, that happens when I’m on a roll. I can write a book in 2-3 days if I’m inspired and there is new information that really has me excited.

How can indie artists best promote themselves? 

Indie artists can promote themselves by trying everything. Many artists back themselves into a corner by making rash judgements on elements of the music industry or complaining that album sales are down. It’s these perspectives that will keep you dormant as a promoter. The best things to do are to, first of all, have a professional product. Then, get it organized. Upload your music to Bandcamp, Reverbnation, etc. Get a proper bio and press shots. Make your album easy to get for reviewers. Next, contact people about your music. People who may be able to help you. This could be venue bookers, newspaper editors, music bloggers, magazines, podcasts, etc. It goes on and on. The main thing is to keep it simple and personal, approach them with respect, and do this thousands of times. It takes time but there are thousands of other bands doing it so you need to either reach out to the press or someone else will get that press. 

Music cross borders. Do you think that applying the same methodology used to promote the same genre of music works in Canada as well as in the other countries like Taiwan and China? 

I think that the same principles are true, yes. Both musicians and music media want to be respected and they want good music to persevere. Tactics and protocol may differ but there will always be rules that can be broken. 

What are the three important things an Indie artist should possess? 

Determination, talent, and work ethic.

Which is the best indie artist/music have you ever promoted? How popular did it become?

I have met many great independent artists through the blog, and couldn’t choose a favourite although I absolutely love Katrin the Thrill, Countless Thousands, Pewee in the Garage, A Heinous Grey, DJ Black Panther, and Monks of Mellonwah. All these artists are moving forward very well in their music careers. There are some very talented artists at Independent Music Promotions of all genres.

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