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Interview with Yung Wun

Well the question is who is Yung Wun? That seems to be the question of the hour. Inspired by Icons of Rap and Hip Hop like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and DMX rapper Yung Wun p.k.a James Carlton Anderson began performing for the underground scene of Atlanta, Georgia. Hailing from one of the toughest and grittiest neighborhoods in the A.T.L., East Lake Meadows housing project (Lil Vietnam), Yung Wun combines his experiences and talents to produce a sound all his own.

Ruff Ryders - Ryde Or Die Vol. 3 (In The ''R'' We Trust)

As "Tear It Up" is only the second single on his debut album but has hit several peak positions on the U.S. Billboard Hot Charts, what is the secret to your success?

Dedication and hard work.being true to who I am.

The dramatic, marching-band beat is incredible. In a few words, what were your experiences like when working together with prominent rappers like DMX, Lil' Flip and David Banner?

Amazing and it was an honor.

Southern hip hop or 'Southern rap' is the third major American hip hop genre, do you foresee yourself trying out the other genre or musical expression? Why?

I am also a crossover rapper I can do the frenchie raps and all I make music worldwide. I make feel good music.

You have a very unique stage name 'Yung Wun' for a rapper, how did you come up with this name or what was the inspiration?

It is a Ruff Ryder secret lol

If you can have it your way for the future, who would you like to work with on the upcoming albums together with NWG/Thomas PR Group 1 ?

I love Thomas pr group /NWG . Creepa and Tara are great people. Shout out to all the gs and gents. Ladies you already know. I would love to work with wacka, trey songs, zo, Dmx, jeezy, T.I so many to name.

Like most youngsters from Lil Vietnam, Yung Wun during his early years fell into a life of crime. Undaunted by these encounters with the criminal justice system Yung Wun continued on this path until he developed his art-form, which became an outlet for him and eventually led to positive change feed and nurtured by his grandmother, Vera.

This change brought extreme happiness and pride to his grandmother who for many years pleaded with Yung to get out of the streets. She undoubtedly heavily influenced him as a young man, her words of wisdom informed life changing decisions, and Lady Vera would see this radical transformation in her grandson before passing away in his arms. Yung began using rhyming as a form of release for frustrations. He won several writing and oratory contest and his career as a lyricist begun.

His career as Rapper began with the same lessons as many artists, that is, the corporate beast that occupies the music industry and attempts to eat young rappers. Despite this the young artist was not deterred and eventually signed with Dark Society in 1998, an Atlanta based record company. This team completed a project, pitched it to Swizz Beatz, who immediately signed Yung to his label Full Surface/J Records.
Yung has since been featured on several multi-platinum albums. He was featured on the hit single “Down Bottom” with Drag-On and Juvenile, which was remixed for the chart topping album Ride or Die Vol. 1 a record label wide compilation by Ruff Ryder Records in 1999. Yung and Drag-On did another collab on “Trouble” a track from the album Hell and Back. He has also shared a Mic with Scarface, Snoop Dogg, and Jadakiss on the banger “World War III” from Ruff Ryder’s second compilation. Other highlights include a feature on Jadakiss’ debut solo album Kiss the Game Goodbye and Swizz Beatz’s compilation G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories.

His lyrical style is perhaps best described as a mixture of Tupac Shakur and DMX on ‘Southern Crunk Juice’. His first solo album, The Dirtiest Thirstiest was released in 2004 under J Records carrying a style and energy that only Yung could produce. This album had the track “Yung Wun Anthem” which was also featured on the soundtrack for EA Sports’ cult classic videogame, John Madden Football 2005.
With a background like this Yung Wun is equipped to carry any load, rip any beat, and hold down any label. Now with his most recent transformation as a performer and person, Yung Wun is trodding a new path, encouraging the next transformation, in a new environment at New Creations Records.
Written by Remy Johnson
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