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BikeAPack - The Folding Bicycle has invented a folding bicycle. We have asked them about this great invention:


This is amazing, how does the folding of the bicycle work in order to fit in a full bag that is only 9 inches x 13 inches x 21 inches? 
Well, it weighs only 18 pounds. It folds (or unfolds) in about a minute without tools. Actually, the unique invention is that the wheels fold.

Really, the wheels fold and how is that? 
The secret to that is in our patent on our website, but basically it has an internal driveline, so there is no chain or exposed grease. The tires are pre-inflated and snap into place as the wheels unfold. It then looks, rides, and feels like a normal bicycle.

So say that again, about how quick it is for someone to fold or open it before riding it? 
About a minute.

And that's without tools? 

Where can I buy or order this folding bicycle and how much does it cost?
We are not taking deposits or orders yet. It's in pre-release right now on the website. We still have work to do and we're NOT in a hurry. It takes time and refinement to be the best.

Very cool, thanks for your time. The website again to see the pre-release of the folding bicycle that fits into a backback is

BikeAPack is available on FACEBOOK.

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