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Jerome Cleary is publicist and PR Consultant in Los Angeles, California. We have made a short interview with him.


How did you get interested into the PR Consulting and Publicist Field, Who or what inspired you?

While many people go to college to get a degree in Public Relations, which are great as, I happened to be helping a friend out in your small home office PR firm part time. I learned how to be a publicist from the ground up and became a great writer and PR story pitcher. Making the goal of putting together a great news story and then trying to get as many media placements as possible inspired me.

Which was the most interesting and challenging task you have accomplished during these years?

I would have to say that taking a well known plastic surgeon who was older and reinventing him and putting him on to the first four seasons of E!’s Doctor 90210 TV series was the most interesting and challenging. From this PR placement I was able to drive over one million dollars in new patient revenue in to his medical practice. This made him famous and a name brand and made three other doctors in his practice so well known that they left and started their own practice.

What are the qualities to be the most important to be a successful PR consultant?

Many people have asked me this question and there are many answers to consider. So here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you good with interacting with TV and Radio segment producers and able to shift gears immediately and give them what they want and need? Are you an incredible writer that can come up with five to ten new story ideas instantly? Are you methodical and deliberate? Are you a great listener? Are you on top of every news story and trend happening every minute? Do you have a steel-trap memory? Are you an incredible storyteller? Are you able to be super nice and friendly? Do you know how to instantly make corrections and adjustments? Are you a tenacious person who won't take no and will not take rejection personally? Are you able to intuitively able to get what the vibe is when interacting with a magazine or newspaper editor? Are you able to crank out the work and stay up all-night and work through the weekend? Can you make crazy deadlines? Are you significant already in your community and city? Do you have many allies and connections? Are you able to access situations immediately to see what is needed? Do you have an outstanding sense of humor? Do you know what is appropriate and inappropriate? Do you care what people of you? Are you content in your life presently? Can you write better than most people you know? Do you know what makes a great story? Are you aware of the differences between ad copy and a press release? A great publicist is able to do all of the above well and do it naturally.

Which is a field that will not need any PR services?

Well that depends as I think everything needs PR services. If you are major star or celebrity the media calls and emails just pour in constantly but they too still need a top publicist. A well-known political figure would still need PR services. See a publicist acts at the agent or manager to the PR client to interact with the media and the PR services are the icing on the cake to help support, protect, enhance and defend the PR client.

What is your secret in “long term relationship” building?

My secret in long-term relationship building is to care a lot and to listen well and to keep that person as a friend too. I still interact with former and future clients and with media contacts to let them know what is going on in my life that is not necessarily about me being a publicist.

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