Steve Matteo Photography

 Poignant and beautiful photos by Steve Matteo just take my breathe away. Well, I think this is only fair to express what I think about his photography. Not only was he with very strong photography background, he even had taken photographs of the Princess Diana, some great portraits of Sammy Sosa in the action, his sports photography was seen across hundreds of newspapers and magazines all around the world. You can find his photos in Getty Images, Chicago Tribune the Chicago Sun-Times, he is also a well-acclaimed Photojournalist in Chicago. Great portraitures of Fortune 500 companies was ever captured so amazingly by Steve. His experience just showed in each and every piece of photo, the personality and emotion. Great moments.

Traditions are traditions. But a tradition like wedding can be made so beautiful in the hands and eyes of Steve. He is also a Wedding Photographer in Chicago 
and a very special one. The fact that he plans your wedding photography from the start to the finish could just make your BIG day a great difference. No posing needed. Steve has the eye for detail, professionalism and experience to make portraits captured timely at the right time of the day regardless of any seasons. One amazing photo of a bride in short sleeves standing with her groom on a bridge with natural backdrop of an icy river was just too fascinating! He has such great ideas to make a couple looking warm even it was for winter wedding photography shots. Nothing beats engaging an easy-going photographer for an extremely picky bride for her most important day of her life – her wedding.

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