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Blue Halo Creative

Blue Halo Creative offers a full service of customized design and marketing solutions to help your small to medium-sized company to succeed in a competitive market place. They offer the complete package by providing a series of services such as creative web design, graphic design, Internet marketing and search engine optimization/submission and online promotion, for an all-in-one solution, at an affordable price.


Usually, when I visit the website of web or graphic designers, I immediately go to their portfolio. A reference work tells much more than any detailed description or marketing text. This Vancouver-based web design company has a very nice portfolio. When it comes to web design, I prefer simple form, easy and transparent structures. Flash, overwhelming information boards, shiny colors usually scares me away. Their work for a coaching company is an amazing example for a clean yet stylish website:


However, a modern online design and marketing company is not only about websites. Design and marketing are closely related in this field. Nowadays, other than having a website, we better participate in the modern social media too. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, tablet or smart phone integration, applications and gadgets that related to our initiative. And not enough to have all of these, you also have to be able to manage your social media life. Optimizing to search engines, providing quality content to your fans and followers, being prompt and interactive. At times I have a feeling the communication became the business itself. And Blue Halo Creative is a company that may help you to build up an effective online communication with powerful design and marketing solutions.

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