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Guest Tree is a new initiative that carries many unique fingerprint guest books for all types of occasions as well as a full line of accessories such as ink pads, pens, and hand wipes. A fingerprint guestbook or guest tree is a creative alternative to the normal guestbook guest see at events. We made a short interview with Kelli, the founder of 


What inspires you to name your shop ‘Guest Tree’? 
It was a combination of a guest book and a fingerprint tree. We are trying to create our own brand. In a way it completely describes our product.

Guest Tree

How long does it take for each delivery order? 
We ship out all of our orders out within 7 days. But 99% of our orders ship out within 3.

‘Leaf’ their thumbprint sounds like a good idea, how did you get this creative idea? 
It just seemed like a natural play on words for "leave" to be "leaf", but then after looking on line, it's really not very original.

Guest Tree

Does your company do customize designs if people would ask for it? 
Yes, we do customized designs to some extent, and have done them for people in the past. The price varies for a custom design.

What is the ‘Wedding Plan’ section on the FaceBook page about?
If you "like us" on Facebook you automatically get access to the Wedding Plan section which is a checklist for engaged couples to plan their wedding. It's completely FREE and printable. It has a timeline which takes you through the steps you need to plan your wedding from 16 months down to the week of the wedding.

Guest Tree

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