Navneet Kaushal CEO PageTraffic Interview

We had a short interview with Navneet Kaushal the CEO of the award winning enterprise Page Traffic.

What are the misconceptions about SEO?
One of the major misconceptions about SEO is that if you spend more money, you can get results faster. While increased efforts can speed up results, the correlation can’t be seen as indefinite. Search engine algorithms take a lot of factors into ranking consideration, such as site age, strength and authority in a particular domain. So, it not that easy for a new site to race to the top.
There are also quite a few misconceptions about links. Over the years, I have heard hundreds of opinions about links. Some say reciprocal links are bad, others consider links from articles to be of no value or the ones from blogs to be very beneficial. It is much easier to remember that links should be relevant, organic and should not be aimed at spamming search engines. So long as the links meet these basic criteria, it will add to the site’s strength.

PageTraffic company has been voted the 'Best SEO company in India', what differentiates you from your competition? What are the secrets to becoming the best?
I will like to mention two very important differentiating factors – expertise and service.

We have spent well over a decade doing what we do. Our teams, processes and ability to deliver success have all improved gradually over the years. It is difficult to replicate the same success over a short period of time.
Our quality standards and service have been the best in the industry from the very start. Most of our clients started their business with us in 2002 and are still with us. I take that as the biggest compliment anyone can pay us.
Apart from the recent award, we have also been ranked amongst as a top SEO company in Asia by Red Herring and in the world by PromotionWorld. We have maintained A+ Rating on Better Business Bureau for last 4 years, which is one of the stringent quality standards in the US. We are well represented at the conferences, conduct regular SEO workshops and training sessions for large corporates and drive insights through education. Our blog PageTraffic Buzz is considered as one of the top resources in the industry, with more than 4000 subscribers.

How long have you been leading PageTraffic and what were the changes over the years for SEO?
It’s been a little over ten years now. There were quite a few search engines when I started out. Now, after Bing and Yahoo merger, there are just the big two (Google and Bing). Search engine algorithms have gradually become more stringent, more so lately. The last few updates from Google has clamped down on large scale link buying and content firms. This has helped keep the SERPs relevant and the spammers away. In fact, the Panda Update is still underway and we are looking forward to more tightening of the algorithms in near future.
In terms of the industry, I have seen India emerge as the biggest outsourcing hub for SEO. The domestic market has become quite exciting in last few years too. Though it is nowhere near its full potential, it’s definitely heating up fast.

What are the new challenges do you foresee in SEO for a small medium enterprise or MNC?
A very important challenge for both small and large businesses will be to integrate social media into their search engine campaigns. MNCs will have to rethink their SEO efforts from the branding point of view and reputation management will become key too. Small and medium businesses will have to find new ways to tap their target and local markets and integrate them into their search marketing campaigns.

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