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Sanctions against Iran

In his publication, Dawood Nazirizadeh, an Expert of Politics, Economy and Business of Iran, is arguing that sanctions and political, economic isolation are not solutions for the problem of Iran. He also points out that threatening with a war will rather strengthen the extremes. Only approximation will change the situation in Iran.


Literature says that in majority of cases, these kind of sanctions (especially unilateral sanctions) have failed and it seems that in regions where the level of foreign direct investments are reduced, the chance for an international conflict is higher.

In Dawood Nazirizadeh's article, we can find a very informative case study exploring the situation in Iran regarding the current situation of sanctions and isolation. Gas sector experts, top managers of international companies, Iranian government experts, ministry officials, diplomats and academics have been interviewed. They were asked about their views on the possible effects of strong sanctions.

Some answers seem to be neglecting the relevance of the current situation, pointing out that Iran has been successful in by-passing sanctions over the past 20 years. But majority of the answers emphasized that Iran has never been faced with such strong sanctions. 

The article provides a great analysis of the current situation in Iran with all the possible outcomes. I agree with the author that the most dramatic and tragic outcome would be a war against Iran as it happened in Iraq.


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