Caustic thoughts

I like intelligent humor. Especially intelligent humor with a cretain style. Usually humor blogs or sites on the internet are very disappointing. Majority of them are full of viral photos and videos about the man having his head into the toilette, or the girl whos hand looks like a big penis from that certain angle.

There is this blog of Grace titled Caustic Thoughts with a witty humor that I really love. The entire blog is very exotic to me as it is written from the Philippines but with an excellent English and the power of those wonderfully created words silently describes an entire culture that is so similar to my inner world but so different from the reality I am living in.

Reading Grace's blog many times I caught myself laughing. After a while I realized that not the stories are but Grace is funny here. Her introduction gives a perfect essential of her style:

  "I constantly stew in a vat of negativity which explains the eyebags the size of Saturn and the constant lack of motivation. Since learning however that the universe punishes negativity with misfortune, bolts of lightning and belly fat, I have learned to channel my energies into making fun of myself or of people who I'm sure won't sue me for libel." (Caustic Thoughts)

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