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Interview with Hilgard Muller

Hilgard Muller is an Online Marketer and Search Engine Optimizer and the owner of We have conducted a short interview with him:
What would you recommend as a good (online marketing) package for a small start-up with an online presence in this current digital age? How much will the minimum investment for this recommended package be? 
When it comes to online marketing I consider it to take second place against search engine optimisation. You cannot be successful in online marketing unless your website is optimised and therefore generating traffic. I unfortunately see that trend in upcoming online marketers that they are attempting to promote products without having done the necessary search engine optimisation for the specific product page.

In marketing is all about traffic, without traffic you cannot market any product. Traffic is the currency of the Internet, but to answer your question on my recommendation of the good online marketing package I would simply have to settle for correct search engine optimisation of your website. Once you have the search engine optimisation of each and every article or blog post in place then you can start looking at alternative online marketing strategies. The marketing strategy that I find to be rather successful other than search engine optimisation would be through social media, and we are all familiar with vast amount of traffic that can be generated through social media, if done correctly.

The vast majority of my traffic that are coming to my website is created by simply ranking for various keywords. By that I mean ranking for each individual article on the website and not only for the front page, but in the same sense it is also very important to find that what is known as low competition, medium to high search volume keywords that would generate you anywhere from 20 to 100 visitors per keyword per day. By having hundreds of these keywords on your website and each one of them only generating 20 visitors per day means that you will generate around 2000 visitors each day. This is a key aspect since I see a vast majority of online marketers trying to rank for higher search volume, high competition keywords right from the start.

Are you able to share with us your views/opinion about Google Page ranking and the current Google Penguin algorithm update? Do you think it is fair for websites to be judged this way?

I have always been a strong believer to do search engine optimisation according to Google requirements. With the latest Google Panda and Google Penguin update lots of websites has been de-indexed, but a lot of websites have also benefited from these updates. I therefore believe that is simply a case of giving Google what they require from you regarding search engine optimisation. This is also a good reminder to all of us to make sure that we do not have our eggs in only one basket but that we should utilise all the different search engines that are available on the Internet. It is of utmost importance that your website is found in various other search engines, this will not only increase the amount of traffic to your website but it will prevent major damage in any future updates that might occur, but as I have mentioned earlier if you do your search engine optimisation according to the Google requirements there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Can you describe your typical work week as an online Marketer and Search Engine Optimizer?

As I have mentioned in your first question I believe that search engine optimisation has a much higher priority in regards to online marketing, online marketing is the end result of correct and successful search engine optimisation of any website. I spent most of my day doing SEO.

I consider myself to be more search engine optimiser then an online market although online marketing is the end result of search engine optimisation. I therefore spend vast majority of my time on search engine optimisation but more specifically on off-site search engine optimisation, off-site search engine optimisation is nothing other than link building, link building can be considered to be between 60 and 70% off your search engine optimisation success.

Time management is very important; I have a well structured daily plan on what needs to be done. Time is put aside for article writing, website development, checking my link building team, checking current ranking status and also future planning.

There is no specific work time but it should be looked at as a normal work, to start your day at 08h00 am and finish at 05h00 pm is crucial, but unfortunately I have found myself working much longer days most of the time.

What are the advantages or benefits of using your site 'one two five me'
One Two Five Me have many benefits for any online marketer that would like to promote their products or services. One Two Five Me is a website that has been created purely by chance, I used to do article marketing for some of my clients on another website of mine, I ran into the problem where I could not promote certain articles since it was not applicable to the niche of the website and that is how One Two Five Me was created.

I was looking for a way to create a website where I can promote any form of product or services and simply came up with the idea to combine article marketing and news media. The original idea was simply to promote the fiverr gigs of people who were interested but it quickly expanded to the promotion of any kind of product, services, websites or any kind of affiliated product people wanted to promote.

I received much more orders than I expected and within two months the website had well over 90 articles on it. The major difference is that each and every article has received an in-depth keyword research for a low competition, medium to high search volume keyword. I started ranking fairly quickly for many of these keywords and much sooner than I expected the website reach 500 visitors per day.

Even though there are many more benefits behind the article marketing that we provide on One Two Five Me, the major benefit that people will receive with One Two Five Me is that an applicable keyword will be research for the article and we will do everything in our power in order to rank for that specific article.

We also have our own link network which currently is well over 100 independent websites on their own IP addresses that generates keywords with the correct anchor text back to all the specific articles on One Two Five Me. We also belong to a vast majority of social media sites where each individual article is promoted, the purpose of these social media sites is purely for link building but it has since created a good amount of traffic as well.

There are many more benefits for the articles that is being added on One Two Five Me, is impossible for me to mention all of them in this interview. For more information on what can be expected the readers can simply visit One Two Five Me.

What will be the top 10 most popular and irresistible gigs available on your site?
I wouldn’t say that I have one specific gig that would stand out for me that the people have decided to promote on One Two Five Me. There are quite a lot that I can clearly see that is of good quality and popular. So here they are in no specific order:

The gig regarding the Lichtenstein Style Pop Art really stood out for me, so much so that I actually purchased this gig and I am using this pop Art picture on One Two Five Me. Another gig that I would consider as very handy is the one about converting files to Kindle format, but this guy does this by actually helping you to convert your e-book into the correct format that is required is for your e-book is to be published on Amazon.

Another really cool one is where this guy helps you to improve your dropbox size up to 18 g, I see this as a very helpful gig for people out there who actively uses the dropbox to share their documents or articles with fellow colleagues or family.

Well I have to say that one of my gigs that I add that on One Two Five Me, the one about search engine optimisation courses. This is a gig that I have put together showing people how to do correct search engine optimisation regarding on-site search engine optimisation, keyword research, link building and many more aspects in order to successfully rank your website. Another very unique one where this guy feeds the homeless with his gigs, when you place an order from him he uses the money to buy McDonald burgers, take it to a homeless person, ask the homeless person to hold up a sign saying “I will eat for fiverr” or your logo. You then get a video confirmation of the money being used to buy a burger for this homeless person.

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