One Two Five Me


One Two Five Me is a cool opportunity to promote your article, your products or services for no more than five dollars.

Why is it worth to spend this ridiculously cheap money? Whatever you promote here will start to rank in search engines due to the good SEO of this site. The system offers you the best keywords that are carefully researched and used to optimize your article. The content will be shared on various social sites as Twitter and Facebook and included in various feeds. Backlinks are build for your article to increase search engine visibility.

It is a perfect tool to promote your Fiverr Gig, Article, Blog, or any service you offer.

I like the way the site is built. It has a very pro look, actually looks like a magazine with easy to handle features.  Some of the articles are really interesting, which is an inviting factor to me. I do not like to be featured in the jungle of low quality or junk content. I have some Fiverr gigs I think I will give it a try to promote them on One Two Five Me.

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