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Rate a Busker - interview

Rate a Busker is an exciting project about collecting and rating street performers. We have conducted an interview with Matt about this UK based initiative:


What had inspired you to create this site? What is special about it?
I live in the heart of the old town in Hastings,England and this bohemian enclave is home to a fantastic array of polarizing Buskers. You cant walk down George street without being bathed in the sound of Guitars,Drums,Harmonica or even didgeridoos! There are some amazing and talented musicians here along side those not so talented, so to separate the wheat from the chaff, Rate a Busker was born.

In the midst of setting up this site, what do you think the people will be interested in watching and rating them?
I think that people will want to see their musician friends on the site and hopefully offer supported comments and ratings.Its also cool to look for your home town and listen out for anyone you recognize. I've got a feeling that, human nature being what it is, people will take a peak at the Lowest and highest rated buskers on the site.

Busking to pay for travel in this 21st century seemed to be getting popular, do you agree? Why?
Busking to pay for travel is a good thing the two things fit together well. Good music travels well.

What is/are your ambition(s) for this site, do you have a future plan for this website?
The aim for the website is to uncover an immense talent that's worthy of viral exposure and to demonstrate that you don't need prime time t.v and a celebrerty judge to have your say. Paradoxically I want the site to embrace the wisdom of crowds and gain maximum exposure for the best buskers.

If you are asked to highlight five best buskers listed on the site, which will you choose and why?
The five best buskers on the website will always be the Highest rated on the website.

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