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Thrillscape 3D - Interview with Shola Lawrence

Shola Lawrence is an entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Thrillscape 3D/ Thrillscape Ltd in London. We have conducted a short interview with her:


What kind of turnkey solutions does Thrillscape provide? Can you give some examples?
Thrillscape offers a complete service, from helping customers make the right choice with regard to product (3D glasses are available with different optical technologies, for instance), special production requirements such as custom - printing, adding sales vouchers to card - based frames, and so on, and then arranging manufacturing and delivery, including insurance costs, etc, to the customer’s address. All aspects are managed by Thrillscape: hence our slogan that ’You place the order, we do the rest’.

An example of this was the supply of 3D glasses to a major telecoms corporation in Portugal, where the product was required for a major PR launch event.

How popular are 3D fireworks glasses as compared to the normal 3D glasses which your company produced?
The fireworks glasses are less in demand at present than the 3D glasses: we believe this is because of the huge increase in interest, and availability of consumer products, that has occurred over the past 2 - 3 years.

Which of the countries have used these 3D fireworks glasses made by Thrillscape?
We have serviced customers in the UK, Ireland, USA, Portugal, Australia, Sweden, and Germany.

Can you tell us more about Interactive Television Applications? What can consumers look forward to in the near future?
This is not an area with which Thrillscape is actively involved at present. The term ‘Interactive Television’ means many things – from the basic interaction that occurs when using a remote control to change channels or select services such as text - based news, to the more complex interactions that are envisaged, such as being able to select which camera - shot to view whilst watching a sports programme, for example.

Given that the introduction and use of 3D technology for domestic television broadcasting is expected to grow, Thrillscape will of course be keeping a watching brief on developments, to ensure that full commercial advantage is taken with regard to the optical products offered by the company as they relate to interactive television programming.

For acquisition and production, what is the 3D Stereoscopic Equipment that Thrillscape supplies?
Thrillscape does not at present offer to supply 3D stereoscopic equipment for acquisition and production of 3D images: if those services are required by Thrillscape’s clients we can arrange to outsource the work as part of our turnkey arrangements. Our expertise currently resides in the supply of the full range of 3D viewing hardware – the 3D glasses – for the various 3D technologies that are in use for still and moving images.

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